Badoca Safari Park

One of the places to visit near our Hostel Costa Alentejana is the Badoca Safari Park located at IC33 between Santiago do Cacém e Sines, about 34km after the Grândola exit.

We invite you to spend a special day in the midst of Nature. Live the Safari adventure and stay close to the zebras, the giraffes, the Oryx, the wildebeests and many other species, that, in full freedom, will carry you to the African continent.

Watch a wonderful Birds of Prey presentation where eagles and hawks in free flight show the different ways of hunting their preys.

Enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant of Badoca Safari Park, harmoniously integrated in the landscape and with stunning views over the Savannah. If you prefer, just picnic at our picnic park, a 1000 sq. meter area in the heart of the pine forest.

Dwell into the garden of exotic birds and be amazed by the joyful colors of the different species that live there –from toucans to macaws, parrots and cockatoos, among many others.

Take a deep breath of fresh air and join an unforgettable walking tour by crossing a superb 80-meter wooden bridge built through the trees over the creek.

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